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About Us

Admired Group are among the UK’s leading Property Investment companies. Head quartered in Northumberland including a Global wide reach, Admired Properties specialise with both new investors acquiring their first investment property and experienced investors expanding their portfolio.

With the economic and political sectors continually changing, Admired Group plan ahead and target regeneration areas within the UK. These include Slough, Croydon, Luton Birmingham, Manchester, Salford, Leeds and heading up further north to Newcastle.

Our aim at Admired Group is to keep the whole process as simple as possible for our clients. We provide the best consultancy solutions in three clear and simple, yet effective steps.

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To be a leading name in the property sector by providing investment opportunities that are applicable to investors, distributors, landlords or developers. Additionally to be globally recognised for building quality residential apartments, where residents desire to live.

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Admired Group's Vision is to become the Property Developer of choice by linking global investors and investment partners to our quality UK developments within the next 5 years.

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To meet the demands of all our clients, ensuring they have the best investment opportunities available which in turn leads to capturing additional revenue streams that naturally fall within the other areas of our business.

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Action Plan

Our plan is to introduce quality UK Residential Developments which provide investors with opportunities they wouldn’t normally have access too.

Our Current Projects

Westminster Works


Middlewood Plaza

Salford - Manchester

Hadrian's Tower


Previous Projects

Hotel 52

Whitley Bay

Deptford Rise


Harter Street


Carlton House


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Property Sales Process

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Your Property Expert

We will assign all clients their own property expert. Your property expert is dedicated in finding you the perfect development to match your needs, including the location, deposit and budget.

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Finding the Perfect Development

Your property expert will then consult with both our research team and advisory board to ensure the most suitable developments are selected in the best locations and achieving the highest returns. We will keep all clients updated with the latest news regarding their preferred market and make sure they’re always first to know of any developments happening.

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World Class After Care

The service won’t stop once clients have invested. At Admired, we pride ourselves on exemplary after care. We will provide clients with regular updates during the construction phase of their investment, along with evaluation reports allowing them to follow the whole process from the start to finish.

Why Invest in the UK?

Property investors and developers from across the globe are looking to the UK for secure and profitable opportunities.

Project Development Process

Number 1
Site Funding

The success of any property development process starts here. Admired Properties have the systems and network of contacts in place to make managing the site finding process easy for you. Sites are continually being fed into our site finding funnel. We know where to look, who to contact and we have strategies for sourcing off-market sites to your specifications.

Number 2
Development Appraisal

Arguably the most important step within the property development process, the development appraisal forms the backbone of a successful financial outcome for your investment.

Our design partners provide us with an initial site appraisal or a full cash flow appraisal depending on the stage of the project. Measuring profit effectively and tracking the viability of a project is key to providing our customers with valuable and secure investments.

Number 3
World Class After Care

We analyse and assess everything to do with the proposed site which will have a physical, financial, legal or construction impact or constraint on the project.

We will often need the input from our project team at this stage, which could be a planning consultant, architect, solicitor or engineer depending on the site specific conditions.

Number 4
The Deal

We are now armed with a site, a land value and a completed due diligence checklist. Its now time to secure the site and close the deal.

There are many different ways to structure a deal and you can rely on Admired Properties to use our extensive experience of the various methods to ensure this stage of the property development process can happen.

Admired Properties are fully conscious that buying well has one of the biggest impacts on your profit, and can negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

Number 5

From the early stages of our potential project, we access the most appropriate funding options with the support of our partners.

Number 6
Design, Planning & Permissions

Design is critical to the development process. Here at Admired Properties we know how to work with the right people to squeeze, optimise and maximise every single square foot on a site to achieve the maximum amount of profit the site can yield.

As a property developer, we need to manage the process to ensure all the permissions are in place and that we have a scheme designed that is viable. You can rest assured that Admired Properties and our knowledgeable team can manage this process efficiently and ensure that our development can actually go ahead and happen.

Number 7

Reaching the construction step along the property development process is a major milestone and there will have been some serious work, effort, time and money already invested in the project.

Even though the project will have been significantly de-risked along the way, there is still plenty of places for risk to turn up. Admired Properties contract with trusted, responsible and reliable builders who will have been handpicked as suitable for the project and have an appropriate procurement strategy in place.

Admired Properties contract in a project manager and a contract administrator to ensure the practical completion of the project runs smoothly.

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